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Founded in 2012, Androcial Media Inc. is a marketing technology firm, helping you reach the audiences you want at the scale you need.

Whether you’re an agency or brand who manages your own campaigns, Androcial provides solutions to your specific needs:
Managed Program Work with a dedicated account manager to manage your campaigns with access.
Self Service Quick, easy, and budget-friendly way to instantly launch and manage your campaigns.

Influence Scores

Influencer Networks

Audience Targeting

Content Creation

Campaign Analytics

Sentiment Analysis

We offer multiple services around the world

WomyAds is an Influencer Marketing platform developed by Androcial Media Inc.

WomyAds works with brands, digital agencies, and media agencies, by using the influencial power of bloggers, digital influencers, celebrities, journalists and niche content generators to produce useful and influencial content.

Brands require a better ROI from their marketing initiatives, previously influencer marketing was not scalable or efficient. In January 2014, Androcial launched WomyAds, a cloud based software platform that allows brands to manage all aspects of influencer marketing campaigns, quickly identifying and activating thousands of influencers, distributing content through social networks and measuring in real time the campaign's performance.


We are Androcial

  • Ricardo Gonzalez

    Ricardo Gonzalez

    Co-Founder & CEO

  • Carolina Cruz

    Carolina Cruz

    Co-Founder & COO

  • Gonzalo Díaz

    Gonzalo Díaz


  • Nicolás Herrera

    Nicolás Herrera

    Web Director

  • Melissa Manrrique

    Melissa Manrrique

    Product Experience

  • Marilyn Alarcón

    Marilyn Alarcón

    Web Developer

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